Topic: mac Audio Engine

does anybody know one?

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Re: mac Audio Engine

Macs usually have pretty robust audio hardware built into them.  I know the latency for Reason on Macs is usually less that 5 milliseconds (almost indistinguishable) while the same software on Windows is generally over 40, which borders on annoying.

Reason, Reaper, and Garage Band should give you pretty much everything you want on your Mac.

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Re: mac Audio Engine

If you've got a Mac it makes sense to get Logic.

The choice for the proffessionals always used to be Mac + Pro Tools or Mac + Logic and most people who have Pro Tools hardware get the TDM Bridge to run Logic software!

Since Logic was bought by Apple, you are now looking at a perfect integration of hard and software (they should have kept making it for PC tho')!

Logic Express is cheaper than the Pro version but I've mixed whole albums for clients that theyrecorded with only their small Mac, Logic Express AND only the built-in input on the Mac to get sound in!!!!!

You get FX, Synths, Samplers and much more recording/production facilities than Reason and probably save yourself a few bob.

Garage Band is a cut down again version of Logic and a superb intro to computer recording!!!

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Re: mac Audio Engine

Reason isn't intended to do recording.   It's a massively sophisticated MIDI sampler.   You would use it to fill in all those other parts of the band.  I set up drum loops and samples with it, and record it's output directly in Reaper as a track.  Combined with my MR-8, it's pretty much the perfect home studio.

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