I have received a password but it does not work

There are three major reasons for this happening. Please check all of them before contacting support.

  • If you have used the "forgot password"-feature, there is an "activate password"-link in your mail that you need to click. Please click it and try to login again.

  • The password in incorrectly entered. Note that both the username and the password are case sensitive. Also note that "0"(null) and the letter "O" might look alike. The letter "l" and the number "1" is also easily confused. I do recommend that you cut and paste the password from your mail into the login form.

  • Your browser needs to accept so called 'cookies' for you to be able to login to Chordie. Here is short guide explaing how to get your browser to accept cookies. In a few cases a router/firewall can also block cookies. If you suspect this to be the case, please search the Internet for exact info about your router/firewall.

In most cases your problems will be solved if you follow these procedures. If not, you might contact admin@chordie.com for additional help. Please use the following subject in your mail "Login problems - password not working". Do also include your username and your malfunctioning password.

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