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Here you can remove links from Chordie. Note that no songs are actually hosted at Chordie. If you want to remove the song from the Internet, it might be more effective to remove the song from where it is hosted.

Please read these guidelines before filling out the form:
  • If you are the owner of a site currently indexed by Chordie, the most effective way of stopping this is to use a robots.txt-file. The Chordie robot identifies itself as " webcrawler" and respects this standard.

  • The form can also be used for removing songs if the quality of the transcription is bad and when the content of the song is inappropriate. In the latter case you should state a clear reason why you want the song removed. There are definately some tough choices here. Before trying to remove something you do not like, at least consider Voltaire's wise words: "I disagree strongly with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.".

  • All fields marked with * are mandatory. The last two reasons on the list also requires you to fill out the comment field

  • If you have transcribed a song and left your name/email in the song, I can not remove only the name. The only thing Chordie can do is to remove the link to the song.

  • Your mail address will not be displayed online. If someone contacts Chordie and diputes your removal, Chordie reserves the right to give them your email address. Your reason for removal might be stated to other people visiting the page.

  • The link will be removed when the site is reindexed. This is scheduled for Friday 30th of March @ 10AM GMT.

Form for removing link

Url to song you want to remove from chordie:

Reason for removal-request:*
I am the owner of '' and do not want Chordie linking to this song
I represent the artist/writer and do not want Chordie to link to this song
I, or the company I represent, own exclusive copyrights for this song. Please remove this link
I have transcribed this song and do not want it to be linked from Chordie
I think the quality of the transcription is too low to have any educational benefits. Please remove the link
The song contains inappropriate material. More details in the comment field below
Other reasons. More details in the comment field below

Your mail address (Will not be displayed online):*


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