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"10cc" is a soft rock band that achieved its greatest commercial success during the 1970s.

The original four-piece lineup of 10cc was blessed with a wealth of talent -- there were two strong songwriting teams (although combinations of all four members collaborated on some songs), all four members were skilled multi-instrumentalists and vocalists, and each could perform convincingly as lead singers, leading to favourable comparisons with The Beatles.

The more 'commercial' team of Eric Stewart (vocals, guitars, keyboards) and Graham Gouldman (bass, guitars, mandolin, zither, vocals) created some of the group's most accessible material. Stewart's career on the Manchester band scene went back to the early Sixties. In 1963 he was a founding member of The Mindbenders, the backing band for singer Wayne Fontana. The group continued without Fontana when he abruptly quit in late 1965, and their next single "Groovy Kind of Love" was Top Five hit in the USA and the UK, leading to an appearance in the film ''To Sir, with Love''. By the time he joined The Mindbenders late in their career, Graham Gouldman had already achieved enormous success in his own right as a pop songwriter, pe...

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