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12 Stones

"12 Stones" is a four-piece Christian rock/Mainstream Rock band that, as of May 2006, has released two albums. The first was a self-titled release in 2002. Their second, ''Potter's Field'', was released in 2004. 12 Stones also recorded the song "Let Go" exclusively for the ''Daredevil'' movie soundtrack. Lead singer "Paul McCoy" was also featured in the successful Evanescence single "Bring Me to Life.

The four band members met in Mandeville, Louisiana, a small suburb north of New Orleans, and within 15 months were signed to a record deal with Wind-Up Records. The name of the band is a reflection of their strong Christian values. As stated on their official website, "12 Stones" is taken metaphorically from the twelve stones in the Hoshen, a breastplate worn by the high priest of Levitical order in the Old Testament. In an interview on the national television special ''Broken TV'', McCoy explained that the band's name reflects a reference to the twelve stones that the Israelites erected after they crossed the Jordan River. McCoy also stated in an interview with ''Christian Music Review'' that their name is also a reference to the twelve disciples that followed Jesus. 12 Stones...

years active 2000–present
music genre Christian Rock
Mainstream Rock
Hard Rock
current members Paul McCoy
Eric Weaver musician
origin Louisiana, United States
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia