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13th Floor Elevators

13th Floor Elevators

"The 13th Floor Elevators" were a rock music group founded in Austin, Texas in late 1965.

Though they found only limited commercial success before dissolving amid legal troubles and drug use, The 13th Floor Elevators are commonly regarded as one of the first psychedelic bands, and have been cited as an influential protopunk group: their classic song "You're Gonna Miss Me" was featured on the first ''Nuggets'' release in 1972, marking a series of garage-rock singles that were a treasure trove for early punk rockers.

Personnel were singer/guitarist Roky Erickson, electric jug player Tommy Hall, bass guitarist Benny Thurman, guitarist Stacy Sutherland, and drummer John Ike Walton. Erickson and Hall were the band's primary songwriters, but most band members wrote or co-wrote some material. The sound of Tommy's electric jug (which bore no resemblance to the sound of traditionally-played jugs) became the band's signature and trademark.

The group's first single, "You're Gonna Miss Me" (actually a second version—the song had been recorded once before by the band when it was known as The Spades, with bassist Ernie Culley), reached #2 on local charts in early 1966, e...

Background group or band
Origin Austin, Texas, USA
Genre Garage Rock, Psychedelic
Years active 1965 - 1969
Past members Roky Erickson
Tommy Hall
Benny Thurman
John Ike Walton
Stacy Sutherland
Danny Thomas
Danny Galindo
Powell St. John
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source: Wikipedia