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4 Non Blondes

"4 Non Blondes" were an early 1990s American alternative rock band. The band chose its name because none of its members had blonde hair, which they considered significant. Lead vocalist Linda Perry went solo in 1996 and the group disbanded after recording, but not releasing, their second album. Perry has since released solo work, and produced songs on hit albums by Pink and Christina Aguilera.

4 Non Blondes had a huge hit single in 1993 with "What's Up" A year later, DJ Miko covered the track as a dance song, and it became a hit again, on radio and in clubs.

In 1995, 4 Non Blondes contributed the song "Misty Mountain Hop" to the ''Encomium'' tribute album to Led Zeppelin.

*Linda Perry -- Vocals

*Roger Rocha -- Guitar

*Christa Hillhouse -- Bass guitar

*Dawn Richardson -- Drums

*Wanda Day -- Drums (pre "Bigger, Better, Faster, More" Release)

*Shaunna Hall - guitarist 1989-1992, appears on some album tracks


*''Bigger, Better, Faster, More!'' (1992)


*"What's Up" (1993)

* Christa Hillhouse interview at BassGirls.Com

* "...

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