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"54•40" is a Canadian alternative rock group from Vancouver, British Columbia, whose literate and melodic music is frequently compared to that of R.E.M. The band takes their name from the slogan "Fifty-Four Forty or Fight," coined to express the expansionist agenda of James K. Polk's presidency, intent upon controling a contested U.S.-Canada border area.

The group formed in 1981 as a trio consisting of Brad Merritt (bass), Darryl Neudorf (drums), and Neil Osborne (vocals). In 1984, Phil Comparelli was added on guitar and vocals, and Neudorf was replaced by Matt Johnson. The band announced in March of 2005 that Comparelli had officially passed on guitar duties to Dave Genn, formerly of Matthew Good Band.

The band's self-titled second album, released in 1986, began to attract attention from radio and record buyers across Canada, with the single "Baby Ran" gaining significant radio airplay. The band's third album, ''Show Me'', became their commercial breakthrough in Canada, with the hits "One Gun" and "One Day in Your Life".

Although the band were popular on college radio in the United States, they never had a commercial breakthrough -- 1992's ''Dear Dear'' was their...

years active 1981–present
origin Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
music genre Alternative rock
current members Neil Osborne
Darryl Neudorf
Brad Merritt
Dave Genn
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia