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A Global Threat

Originally formed in Maine in 1997, the band relocated to Boston, Massachusetts in 1998, where it has been based ever since. The original band members were Bryan A. Pogo, Brett Threat, Westie, and Tubby Tim. In 1998 the band recorded and self-released their first EP, “The Kids Will Revolt Against All Authority” on Crack Rock Records. Soon after, Mike Graves and Pete Curtis joined the band (on drums and guitar respectively) and AGT began playing live shows in Boston and New York. During this period, the band met Mark Unseen (a member of Boston punk group The Unseen), who would become a major supporter of the band before later joining it himself. Mark re-released the “Kids...” EP on his ADD Records label in late 1998. Subsequently, Mark became a member of AGT in 1999, when, during a weekend of gigs in New York, the band's van broke down and Mark offered them transportation on the condition that he be allowed to join the band. The group accepted and Mark took up dual vocal duties, with both he and founding member Bryan A. Pogo singing during live shows.

In 1999 they released the “What the Fuck Will Change?” EP as well as a split 7" EP with Broken. Both these rel...

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