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Aaron Lewis

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Aaron Lewis, born April 13 1972 in Rutland, Vermont, USA, is the lead vocalist of the hard rock/post-grunge group Staind. Lewis grew up, largely, in Longmeadow, Massachusetts.

Aaron Lewis was, before Staind, in a acoustic band known as JCAT

Lewis is renowned for his songwriting skills and has been nominated for 3 Grammys. His hobbies include fishing, golf and riding his mini dirt bike. He worked landscaping, cleaned hotel rooms, and played solo acoustic sets in bars around Atlanta. He is married to Vanessa Lewis and has two daughters, Zoe Jane and Nyla Rae, as well as two sisters Yvette and Rachel, and two brothers Justin and Ian.

He also remixed Crawling for Linkin Park's album Reanimation.

*The Darkness Within by Jenny Eliscu, Rolling Stone, July 19, 2001 (In depth interview, includes...

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