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Morten Abel

"Morten Abel" (born October, 15, 1962 in Bodø). Is a Norwegian pop artist, and is one of Norway's best-selling domestic artists.

*Started as lead singer in a band called "Mods". Most famous song is "Tore Tang".

*Was the lead singer in a very popular band called "The September When".

*Released an album with a band called Peltz.

*Moved over to a very successful solo career.

* Has starred in two movies "Hodet over vannet" and "Alt for Egil".


* ''Snowboy'' (1997) Sold 40000

* ''Here We Go Then, You And I'' (1999) Sold 150000

* ''I'll Come Back And Love You Forever'' (2001) Sold 170000

* ''Being Everything, Knowing Nothing'' (2003) Sold 100000

* ''Morten Abel, Best Of'' (2004) Sold 100000

* Morten Abel's Official Information Centre

Abel, Morten

Abel, Morten

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