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Ace Frehley

"Paul Daniel Frehley", aka "Ace Frehley", is an American guitarist best known as a founding member and lead guitarist for the rock band KISS. Frehley played with the group from its inception in 1973 until his departure in 1982.

After leaving KISS, Frehley embarked on a moderately successful solo career, which was put on hold when he rejoined KISS in 1996 for a highly successful reunion tour. His second tenure with KISS lasted until 2002, when he left at the conclusion of the band's Farewell Tour. He has since resumed his solo career, although to date he has not released any new music.

Ace Frehley was born and raised in The Bronx, and was the youngest of three children. The Frehleys were a musical family, and Ace received an electric guitar as a Christmas present in 1964. Frehley immersed himself in music, and later stated that guitar playing prevented him from getting involved with drugs or local gangs. Frehley has cited guitarists such as Pete Townshend and Jeff Beck as his major musical influences.

When Frehley's band, Cathedral, started earning a series of paying gigs, Frehley dropped out of high school. At the insistence of his family and girlfriend, Frehl...

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