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Adrian Legg

"Adrian Legg" is a British guitarist playing both electric and acoustic guitar renowned as an all-round eclectic as well as being recognised as a significant country guitarist.

Born in Hackney, East London. Legg studied the oboe as a child but in teenage years his interest shifted to the guitar. His first three albums (''Technopicker'', ''Fretmelt'', and ''Lost for words'') were only released in the UK.

Legg released a series of albums in the 1990s, starting with ''Guitars and other cathedrals'', ''Guitar for mortals'', and ''Mrs. Crowe's blue waltz''. Following the stateside release of his albums, Legg found greater prominence in the United States. He was voted Best Acoustic Guitarist for four years running (1993-6) by the readers of ''Guitar Player'' magazine. ''Guitar for mortals'', and ''Mrs. Crowe's blue waltz'' were voted best acoustic album of the years 1992 and 1993 respectively.

Adrian Legg plays fingerstyle guitar, mixing an alternating-bass (musical term) style with harmonics, banjo-peg retuning (he will often play a 'chord' of harmonics on the 12th fret, eg: DADGAD, and use a tuning peg to retune the treble A to a B, giving a chord closer to G major), le...

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