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Adriana Calcanhotto

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Adriana Calcanhotto (born 1965 in Porto Alegre) is a Brazilian singer/instrumentist. Her melancholic songs are most often categorized as being from the MPB genre. She started her professional career in 1984 and released her first studio album in 1990.


  • Enguiço (1990)
  • Senhas (1992)
  • A Fábrica do Poema (1994)
  • Maritmo (1998)
  • Público (2000)
  • Perfil (2001)
  • Cantada (2002)
  • Adriana Partimpim (2004)

*Adriana Calcanhotto's official website (in Portuguese)

Calcanhotto, Adriana singers|Calcanhotto, Adriana Calcanhotto, Adriana Calcanhotto, Adriana Calcanhotto, Adriana Calcanhotto, Adriana

Calcanhotto Calcanhotto

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