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Afghan Whigs

"The Afghan Whigs" were an American soul-influenced alternative rock band of the 1990s. While they achieved moderate success—''Rolling Stone'' described the band as spending "the bulk of their career on the brink of stardom"—they've "never quite broken beyond a substantial legion of devotees enamored of their thinly veiled sleaze."

Greg Dulli (vocals, rhythm guitar), John Curley (bass), Rick McCollum (lead guitar) and Steve Earle (drums -- not to be confused with Steve Earle) formed the band in Cincinnati in 1986. Their 1988 debut album ''Big Top Halloween'' on their independent record label called Ultrasuede created a buzz in the independent music community, and the band soon signed to Sub Pop of Seattle in 1989, the first non-local band to do so. In 1990, ''Up in It'' was released; this was followed by the critically acclaimed 1992 album ''Congregation'' and a covers EP, ''Uptown Avondale''.

The Afghan Whigs then signed to a major label, Elektra Records, and released another critically acclaimed album, ''Gentlemen'' that failed to break the band into the mainstream, though it spawned the minor hits "Debonair" & "Gentlemen". They contributed "Fountain and...

years active 1986–2001
country Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
music genre Indie Rock
members Greg Dulli, John Curley, Rick McCollum, Steve Earle, Michael Horrigan, Paul Buchignani
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia