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After Crying

After Crying is a Hungarian musical ensemble, established in 1986, which composes and performs contemporary, up-to-date classical music. They use instruments ranging from classical acoustical instruments like cello, trumpet, piano, flute to the instruments of a modern rock band. They sometimes perform with traditional chamber or symphony orchestras. Their studio albums contain numerous variations in instruments and composition.

:(Hungarian names: Family names first) *BÃTKY-VALENTIN Zoltán (lead vocal, member since 2002) *EGERVÃRI Gábor (flute, narration, texts and thoughts, live sound, founding member) *GÃRGÃNYI Tamás (artistic director, lyricist, singer of some studio tracks) *LENGYEL Zoltán (piano, keyboards, vocals, first appeared 1997, regular member since 1998) *MADAI Zsolt (drums, percussion, vibraphone, member since 1998) *PEJTSIK Péter (composition, orchestration, cello, bass guitár, vocals, founding member) *TORMA Ferenc (guitar, synthesizer, composition, founding member) *WINKLER Balázs (composition, orchestration, trumpet...

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