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"Agathodaimon" is Symphonic Black Metal band from Germany.

The band begun in late 1995, when drummer Matthias and guitarist Sathonys got together to assemble a black metal band. They put adverts at several music magazines in the hopes that they would find suitable musicians to play with them. In answer to the advertisement, they were joined by bassist Marko Thomas and keyboardist and vocalist Vlad Dracul. The last member of their initial formation was the second guitarist, Hyperion, who joined them by the end of that year. With this formation the band recorded the ''Carpe Noctem'' demo tape, which received fair reviews from the German specialized press. It also attracted the attention of one of Century Media's executivies, who began keeping track of the band.

Agathodaimon then proceeded to play minor gigs and support some european bands. Eventually, they received an offer from Century Media to fund the recording of their second demo. This demo was recorded in early 1997 and was named ''Near Dark''. It attracted the interest of quite a few recording labels, and in the end the band opted to sign with Nuclear Blast.

After successfully composing the songs for their de...

country Germany
years active 1995–present
music genre Symphonic Metal#Symphonic Black Metal
current members Sathonys
Matthias Rodig
Felix Ü. Walzer
Till Ottinger
past members Vlad Dracul
Marcel "Vampallens"
Christine S.
Marko Thomas
Darin "Eddie" Smith
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia