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Alabama Thunderpussy

"Alabama Thunderpussy" is a metal band from Richmond, Virginia.

Bryan Cox, Erik Larson and Asechiah Bogdan founded ATP in 1996. Bill Storms and Johnny Throckmortin completed the lineup, and the band signed to Man's Ruin Records in 1998. They debuted with Rise Again later that year, and recorded River City Revival, released in 1999. 2000's Constellation and 2002's Staring at the Divine followed. Alabama Thunderpussy parted ways with Man's Ruin and singer Johnny Throckmorton later that year, signing to Relapse Records and hiring new frontman Johnny Weils. Weils' first album with ATP is Fulton Hill, released on May 25, 2004. For reasons unknown, Weils is no longer a member of ATP. His replacement will be Kyle Thomas, formerly of the New Orleans band Exhorder.

Members of ATP have appeared in many sideprojects. Larson has released two discs under his name, the most recent in 2005. Larson has also appeared in the side project Axehandle with Bryan Cox and Ryan Lake. Eric will also be appearing in another side project group Birds of Prey with a release being slated for July 25,2006. Bryan Cox was a member of instrumental band Suzikiton and was on their one release, Service...

years active 1996 - present
status Active
country United States
music genre Heavy metal music
current members Bryan Cox
Ryan Lake
Erik Larson
Mikey B
Kyle Thomas
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia