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Albert Lee

Albert Lee is an English guitarist.

== Early life and education =

Albert Lee was born on December 21, 1943 in Leominster, Herefordshire, England. He grew up in Blackheath, London. His father was a musician, and Albert studied piano. During this time, like many of his age, he became a fan of Buddy Holly, and also Jerry Lee Lewis. He took up guitar in 1958, and left school at age 16 to play full-time the following year.

== Bands =

Lee was with a variety of bands from 1959 onwards, playing mostly country music and rock and roll. Band membership changed constantly, and he might step into a role vacated by Jimmy Page, and in turn have Ritchie Blackmore step in for him. During his time playing with Heads Hands & Feet, Lee became a "guitar hero", playing his Fender Telecaster at breakneck speed.

== Career =

Despite positive press from Melody Maker and New Musical Express his career never seemed to take off. Despite his technical wizardry he seems to have lacked the stage presence that his peers enjoyed, mainly because he has been described by his peers, as a complete gentleman, who does not know the meaning of the wor...

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