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"Alcazar" is a Swedish pop group who had a string of hit singles during the early 2000s decade and are continuing successfully today.

The group was created in 1998 with three members: Andreas Lundstedt, Tess Merkel, and Annikafiore Kjaergaard. Their first single, ''Shine On'', was successful in Sweden but it was with their second release, ''Crying At The Discoteque'' (which heavily sampled from Sheila B. Devotion's 1979 hit, ''Spacer''), that they achieved success across Europe. Both singles appeared on their debut album ''Casino''. Later editions of ''Casino'' contained a cover of the Human League's hit ''Don't You Want Me'', which also served as the album's third single.

In December 2002, Magnus Carlsson joined the group. The second album ''Alcazarized'' was released in Sweden in 2003 and became a big hit. It got an international release in 2004.

In Autumn 2004 Alcazar released ''This Is The World We Live In''. The track samples Diana Ross's 1980 number one ''Upside Down'' and uses lyrics from Genesis' 1986 single ''Land Of Confusion''. Their follow-up single was entitled ''Physical''. They released the album Dancefloor Deluxe in Sweden in August 2004. In the ...

origin Sweden
years active 1998 – present
music genre Dance music
current members Andreas Lundstedt
Tess Merkel
Annikafiore Kjaergaard
Magnus Carlsson
website Alcazar World
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia