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Alejandro Escovedo

"Alejandro Escovedo" got his start in first-wave punk rock group The Nuns, with Delphine Neid, Jennifer Miro, and Jeff Olener, in San Francisco, California. After Escovedo's departure, they recorded an album on Posh Boy Records, but had little commercial success.

In the 1980's he set up shop in Austin, Texas, where he adapted a roots rock/alternative country style in the bands Rank and File (with Chip and Tony Kinman) and the True Believers (with his own brother Javier). However, it was with the release of his first solo albums, "Gravity" in 1992 and "Thirteen Years" in 1994, and on through his sixth album, ''A Man Under the Influence'' (produced in 2001), that he found his true voice. Although he has yet to crossover to any type of mainstream audience, he has a huge underground following, and many popular artists cite Alejandro as a strong influence. No Depression magazine named him Artist of the Decade of the 1990's.

In 2003, after having lived with Hepatitis-C for many years, Alejandro fell critically ill and nearly died. In his long road to recovery, he faced increasing medical bills. Since he had no medical insurance, and had had only limited commercial success...

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