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Allan Holdsworth

"Allan Holdsworth" (born August 6, 1946 in Bradford, West Yorkshire) is an English jazz guitarist and composer.

Allan Holdsworth is a jazz/fusion guitarist, and is widely known as a big figure in the development and evolution of the genre and style. He is acclaimed for the complexity of his compositional and improvisational work, as well as his astounding technical skill. Reviewers have compared his compositions to Liszt, and he is also lauded for his peerless technique by rock guitarists such as Edward Van Halen ("He's the best in my book."), Yngwie Malmsteen ("I had to take my hat off to him."), Frank Zappa ("He's the most interesting guitarist in the universe") and Steve Vai ("The two best electric guitarists are Jeff Beck and Allan Holdsworth.").

The unique efficiency of his playing style, and his mathematical approach to mentally mapping out the fretboard allows him to 'see' symmetrical finger patterns, which produce note flourishes that approach the fluidity of saxophonists such as Wayne Shorter and John Coltrane.

Holdsworth pioneered several techniques that have been widely imitated by other guitarists. These include using an eight-voice modulated delay to...

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