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"Alsou Ralifovna /Rälif qızı/ Abramova" (Tatar: Alsu Rälif qızı Abramova, Russian: Алсу́ Рали́фовна Абрамова), better known as just "Alsou" (Russian: Алсу́), is a popular Tatar-Russian singer.

Alsou was born in Bugulma, Tatarstan, Russia on June 27, 1983. Her father, Ralif Rafilovich /Räfil ulı/ Safin is a former Russian oligarch and a member of the Federal Council, the upper chamber of the Russian parliament. He is the owner of the Sochi football team Zhemchuzhina and was named the 100th richest Russian by Forbes Magazine in 2004. Her mother, Razia Iskhakovna /İsxaq qızı/ Safina, is an architect. Alsou has two brothers, Renard and Marat (who is not the same person as the tennis player Marat Safin).

Alsou took second place at the Eurovision Song Contest 2000 with the song Solo. She performed it again at "Congratulations", the 50th anniversary Eurovision concert in Copenhagen, Denmark, in October 2005.

Alsou travelled often around the world when she was a young girl. She visited Denmark, Canada and the USA and at the age of 10 she was living in London, where she later entered the prestigious MPW College to study architecture a...

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