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Amy Jo Johnson

Amy Jo Johnson

"Amy Jo Johnson" (born October 6, 1970 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts) is an American actress and singer. Her most notable roles have been as Kimberly Ann Hart, the Pink Ranger, in ''Mighty Morphin Power Rangers'' and Julie Emrick in the college drama series ''Felicity''.

In her early life, Johnson became interested in gymnastics and after training for years, decided to aim for the Olympic Games. She eventually reached Class One - the highest status in gymnastics - and participated in competitions hosted both in the United States and in Europe but was forced to abandon her career as a professional gymnast due to a severe injury.

She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

At the age of eighteen, Johnson left Cape Cod and moved to New York City in order to pursue her acting career. She attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and the American Musical and Acting Academy. When Johnson felt comfortable with her skills, she left for Los Angeles to audition for her first part.

Johnson's first role was also her most notable to date, as Kimberly Ann Hart, the Pink Ranger, in the 1993 series ''Mighty Morphin Power Rangers''. Her gymnastics background was...

birth date October 6, 1970
birth place Cape Cod, Massachusetts
occupation actor
website Official site
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source: Wikipedia