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Anal Cunt

"Anal Cunt" is a grindcore band from the United States. They are often referred to by their initials "A.C." (often written as ''AxCx'') due to the offensive nature of their name and censorship limits on some radio and publications, and many of their album covers simply display the initials A.C. However, the band has managed to subvert even this abbreviation by drawing these letters in a manner resembling an anus and a vagina.

Anal Cunt was founded in 1988 in Massachusetts by Seth Putnam. He chose the name by making a list of obscene words, and then trying to find what he believed to be the most stupid, offensive combination of them--Anal Cunt. The band was meant as a joke, and was to only release one album and do one show; however, they are still going strong in 2006. Originally, the band was to produce a form of 'anti-music', without rhythm, beats, riffs, lyrics, song titles or any other of the normal features of a band, an approach exemplified by the 5643 Song EP. This theme continued on to the early Anal Cunt albums, with song titles being given numbers, often out of sequence, and titles such as 'Selling Out by Having Song Titles on His Album' and 'Some Songs' (both f...

years active 1988 - present
music genre Noisegrind
status Active
country United States
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia