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|caption=Cover to ''Anarky'' (Vol. 2) #1.Art by Norm Breyfogle.



|real_name=Lonnie Machin

|publisher=DC Comics

|debut=''Detective Comics'' #608 (Nov. 1989)

|creators=Alan GrantNorm Breyfogle



|alliances=Yap (dog), MAX



|powers=Enhanced intelligence (x10);master inventor;hand-to-hand combat training;access to hi-tech gadgets and weapons.


"Anarky" is a fictional superhero character who was created by Alan Grant, and published by DC Comics. He is named for his belief in Anarchism. Anarky bears superficial resemblance, in both appearance and tone, to Alan Moore's character "V" from ''V for Vendetta''.

Anarky (real name "Lonnie Machin") made his debut as an adversary to Batman in issues #608 and #609 of ''Detective Comics'', in which he responded to complaints in the newspaper by attacking the sources, such as the owner of a factory whose byproduct waste was polluting the water. Anarky and Batman ultimately came to blows, and during...

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