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"Andromeda", who formed in 1999, are a currently unsigned progressive metal band from Sweden. Their lyrics mainly cover inner turmoil and relationships.

They have only recorded three albums as of 2005, but there are two versions of their first album, Extension of the Wish. The original recording features their first vocalist Lawrence Mackrory. The second version has all of the original instrument tracks, but with their new vocalist David Fremberg. The most recent album "Chimera" was released in early 2006.

*Johan Reinholdz - Guitar (also in Nonexist, Opus Atlantica, Skyfire)

*David Fremberg - Vocals

*Thomas Lejon - Drums (also in Embraced)

*Martin Hedin - Keyboards

*Fabian Gustavsson - Bass


*Lawrence Mackrory - Vocals (also in Seethings, ex-Darkane, Enemy Is Us)

*Gert Daun - Bass

*Jakob Tanentsapf - Bass

*''Extension of the Wish'' (Demo, 2001)

*''II=I (Two is One)'' (2003)

*''Extension of the Wish - Final Extension'' (2004)

*''Chimera'' (2006)

* Andromeda official website

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es:AndrĂ³meda (banda)


years active 1999 - present
music genre Progressive metal
status Active
country Sweden
current members Johan Reinholdz
David Fremberg
Martin Hedin
Thomas Lejon
Fabian Gustavsson
past members Lawrence Mackrory
Gert Daun
Jakob Tanentsapf
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia