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Angry Samoans

"Angry Samoans" are an early Los Angeles punk band, formed by rock critics "Metal" Mike Saunders and Gregg Turner after the demise of VOM, with fellow critic Richard Meltzer.

Later in the Samoans career unspecified grudges against influential KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer caused them to write a defamatory song called "Get Off the Air," which caused many Los Angeles clubs to avoid booking them until the mid 1980s. The band's particularly offensive, politically incorrect attitude and lyrical content probably contributed to this situation as well.

The Samoans began as VOM in 1976, a self-described beat combo featuring the reknowned writer and critic Richard Meltzer on vocals, with Turner on guitar and 2nd vocals and Saunders on drums. The band also featured Dave Guzman on 'tuneless rhythm guitar, 'Gurl' on bass guitar, and Phil Koehn on lead guitar. The name Vom is short for 'vomit', as their early live act is said by Meltzer and Turner to have included throwing various 'viscera', cow parts and food substances at the audience to provoke reaction.

Both Meltzer and Saunders had already contributed to music as a whole in very distinct conduits. Richard Meltzer had w...

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