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Anika Moa

Anika Moa is a singer-songwriter from Christchurch, New Zealand. While still at school in Christchurch, Moa entered the 'Smokefree Rockquest'. She received a record deal with Warner Music in New Zealand and Atlantic Records in New York. However Moa did not enjoy her time in America and returned to New Zealand. She recently released her second album on August 1, 2005. She has collaborated many artists including New Zealand's SJD and Bic Runga. She has also joined the popular band Dimmer. She appears on the Greenpeace single "Anchor Me", which commemorates the twentieth anniversary of the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior. She also DJ's under the pseudonym DJ Unika.


  1. Good in My Head
  2. Flowers for you
  3. Falling in Love Again (Single)
  4. I Talked to You
  5. My Son h
  6. Holding Me High
  7. Mother (Single)
  8. Youthful (Single)
  9. God in His Culture
  10. Everything's the Same
  11. Harry and Leena's Song (NZ only)

  1. Ka Whakahuia Ano
  2. In the Morning (Single)
  3. Lies in This Land
  4. ...
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