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Antonio Lauro

Antonio Lauro (born August 3 1917 in Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela, died April 18 1986 in Caracas) was a Venezuelan composer, considered to be one of the foremost South American composers of the 20th century.

== Biography =

Lauro's father, an immigrant from Italy, was a barber who could sing and play the guitar so he taught his son what he could, but died when Antonio was still a child. After the family moved to Caracas, Lauro pursued formal musical study (piano, composition) at the Academia de Música y Declamación, where among his teachers was the distinguished composer Vicente Emilio Sojo (1887-1974). A 1932 concert performed in Caracas by Agustín Barrios, the legendary Paraguayan guitarist and composer, so much impressed the young Lauro (already an accomplished folk guitarist) that he decided to abandon the piano and violin in favor of studying the guitar. From 1933, he studied with Raúl Borges (1888-1967), who introduced him to the traditional classical guitar repertoire. In the next decade, Borges' pupils would also include Rodrigo Riera, José Rafael Cisneros, and Alirio Diaz, ...

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Antonio Lauro

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