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"Apex" may refer to:

*Apex (mollusc), the tip of the spire of the shell of a gastropod

*Apex (hat), a pointed piece of olive-wood, the base of which was surrounded with a lock of wool, worn by Roman priests

* solar apex, the direction that our solar system travels through in our Galaxy

* Apex (radio band), an experimental very high frequency radio broadcasting system

* Apex (racing), the point a car should touch on the inside of a turn when following a proper line

* Apex (geometry), the highest vertex in a polyhedron or geometric solid.

"Apex" is the name of:

* Apex, North Carolina, a town in the United States

* Apex Digital, a California-based electronics manufacturer

* Apex Digest, a Kentucky-based science fiction magazine

* Apex Stores, a Rhode Island-based department store chain

* A supervillain of the TV show Portal

* Vympel R-23, an air-to-air missile (NATO reporting name "Apex")

* Apex (game), a racing video game released by Atari in 2003 for the Xbox

* Apex Guild, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game Clan from the UK.

* Apex Challenge, a UK based Scout competition

* Apex (A to the pex), a World of Warcraft guild in Boul...

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