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Aphex Twin

"Aphex Twin" ("Richard David James", born August 23, 1971 in Limerick, Ireland) is a UK-based electronic music artist, credited with pushing forward the genres of techno, ambient, acid, and drum and bass.

Richard David James was born to Welsh parents Lorna and Derek James in 1971 in Limerick, Ireland. James spent his childhood in Cornwall, United Kingdom. As a teenager, he became a DJ and musician on the local rave scene, taking on the moniker "AFX", "Caustic Window", and later "Aphex Twin" (reference to his dead brother after whom he was named James formed the Rephlex Records label in 1991 with his friend Grant Wilson-Claridge and released his first records on this label, as well as Mighty Force and R&S Records of Belgium. After success with his early work, James relocated to London and released a slew of albums and EPs on the Warp Records label, under a bewildering set of aliases (from Polygon Window and Caustic Window to the lesser known Gak and Power Pill).

Aphex Twin is now known to have performed the first ever live gig on a laptop at the Big Love festival in the U.K video evidence on YouTube.

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years active 1991 – present
origin Limerick, Ireland
music genre Acid House
Ambient Techno
Drum and Bass
Electronic Music
Intelligent dance music
current members Richard David James
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source: Wikipedia