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"Apocalypse" is a progressive rock band from Brazil that plays symphonic rock with strong keyboard orientation. Many influences can be noticed among their discography, but Genesis, Yes, ELP, Pink Floyd, Rush and Marillion are the most present.

The original lineup of Apocalypse consisted of Eloy Fritsch (keyboards), Chico Casara (bass and lead vocals), Ruy Fritsch (guitars), and Chico Fasoli (drums). Fritsch, Casara and Fasoli released their first album in 1991, the self-titled ''Apocalypse''. Highly derivative of Rush, Marillion and Pink Floyd, Apocalypse had limited local popularity until the ''Perto do Amanhecer'' release, distributed by Musea. This popularity led the album to be redistributed by Rock Symphony Records. The lyrics of that time (most of them written by Eloy Fritsch) were heavily influenced by mysticism, science fiction, and nature.

Many of their early songs received limited airplay because of their extended length, in some cases exceeding eight minutes like Terra Azul, Do Outro Lado da Vida and Vindo das Estrelas became a particular fan-favorite.

* Eloy Fritsch (keyboards)

* Ruy Fritsch (guitar)

* Chico Fasoli (drums)

* Gustavo Demarchi...

years active 1983–present
origin Brazil
music genre Progressive Rock
current members Gustavo Demarchi
Ruy Fritsch
Chico Fasoli
Magoo Wise
Eloy Fritsch
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source: Wikipedia