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Apollo 440

"Apollo 440" (alternately known as "Apollo Four Forty" or "@440") are an English musical band formed in 1990 in Liverpool by brothers "Trevor" and "Howard Gray" with fellow Liverpudlians Noko and James Gardner, although Gardner left after the recording of the first album. All members sing and add a profusion of samples, electronics, and computer-based sounds. The name comes from the Greek god Apollo and the frequency of concert pitch — the A note at 440 Hz, often denoted as "A440".

After relocating to the Camden area of London, Apollo 440 recorded their debut album, ''Millennium Fever'', and released it in 1994 on their own Stealth Sonic Recordings label (distributed by Epic Records). They have successfully invaded both the pop charts and the dancefloor with their combination of rock, techno, and ambient. They also changed the writing of their name from "Apollo 440" to "Apollo Four Forty" in 1996, though switched back for their latest album.

The band had been most known for its remixes until the release of ''Liquid Cool'' in the UK. However, it was not until the success of the singles ''Krupa'' and ''Ain't Talkin' 'bout Dub'' that their own musical efforts were brought ...

years active 1990 – Present
origin Liverpool, England
country England
music genre Techno music
current members Trevor Gray
Howard Gray
past members Ian Hoxley
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia