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*''For other uses of the word ""archive"", see Archive (disambiguation)''

"Archive" are a London-based Trip-hop group.

Archive were formed by Darius Keeler and Danny Griffiths in 1994 from the ashes of UK House act Genocide 2. Together with female singer Roya Arab and young rapper Rosko John, the band released their first album "''Londinium''" on Island Records in 1996, a mix of dark Trip-Hop (in the same vein as Massive Attack), rap and alternative rock. The album received moderate critical acclaim, but due to internal dispute the band split up later that year.

However, in 1997 Darius and Danny reformed Archive with another female singer (Suzanne Wooder) and in 1999 released their second album "Take My Head", a mix of pop and symphonic trip-hop, and far more melodic than its predecessor.

Since then the band has released three albums with Craig Walker, formerly of Power of Dreams, as singer, to growing popularity and critical acclaim, including a large following in France and Poland. These albums have seen Archive gradually turn away from their roots in Electronica and Trip-Hop and towards more psychdelic and progressive rock in the style of bands such as...

origin London, England
years active 1994 – Present (time)
music genre Post-rock/Indie music
current members Danny Griffiths, Darius Keeler, Dave Penny, Pollard Berrier, Maria Q
past members Roya Arab
Rosko John
Suzanne Wooder
Craig Walker (singer)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia