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Jann Arden

"Jann Arden" (born Jann Arden Richards March 27, 1962) is an award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter with a popular fan base, mostly in Canada. She was born near Calgary, Alberta as Jann Arden Richards.

Arden spent most of the 1980s playing her music in bars and busking, struggling to get noticed. Her breakthrough came with her critically acclaimed 1992 debut album ''Time for Mercy''. Her success grew with 1994's ''Living Under June'', which featured her biggest hit, "Insensitive" (#12 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100), one of her few singles to receive extensive airplay outside of Canada. Other albums have been 1997's ''Happy?'', 2000's ''Blood Red Cherry'', and 2003's ''Love Is the Only Soldier''. She also released a greatest hits album, ''Greatest Hurts'', in 2001, and a live album, ''Jann Arden Live with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra'', in 2002.

In 2005, she released a new album titled simply ''Jann Arden''. The album has been promoted as featuring more upbeat songs than her usual trademark ballads.

Although Arden's pop-rock songs are known for their sadness and tales of heartache, Arden is paradoxically also known for her gregarious sense of humour. Her ...

years active 1992-Present
country Canada
music genre pop music
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