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"Arhangel" is a rock band from the Republic of Macedonia created in 1987. The leading songwriter and spokesperson for the band is Risto Vrtev who has also been part of such rock bands as Mizar and Inola X. Arhangel has released five albums (four studio and one live) which have been met with both critical and commercial success. The band's sound is both muscular and melodic at the same time, echoing post-rock icons such as the English The Smiths and the Serbian Ekaterina Velika, while the band's lyrical inspirations focus is on the country's political and cultural changes during the 1990s. The band is also associated with the art movement Makedonska Streljba (Macedonian Barrage) during the 1980s and the 1990s.

* Arhangel (1991)

* Arhangel 2 (1993)

* Heart Core (1998)

* Heavenly Machine (2003)

* Live in Skopje (2004)

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