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Ricardo Arjona

"Edgar Ricardo Arjona Morales", known as "Ricardo Arjona", was born January 19, 1964 in Antigua Guatemala, and is an acclaimed Guatemalan singer incorporating political and social satire.

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Ricardo Arjona is a singer, songwriter, and composer born in Antigua Guatemala on January 19, 1964. When he was three, he moved to Guatemala City.

At age eight he already knew how to play the guitar. He played basketball on the Guatemalan national team, holding the record for most points scored in a single game. From 1983 to 1988 he worked as a teacher with low-income students. He then moved to Mexico where he has been living since.

Arjona is best known for his songs' intricate wordplay and not for any particular genre (though he is usually categorized as Spanish Pop). Most of his albums vary widely in both genre and vocal delivery.

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|| 1985


| "Dejame Decir Que Te Amo"

(''Let Me Say That I Love You'')


|| 1990



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