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"Asin" (sometimes spelled "ASIN", in all capital letters) is a Pinoy rock and folk rock band from the Philippines. They were formed during the 1970s and originally known as "Salt of the Earth" from the song of Joan Baez, but later Filipinized their name into "Asin", which means salt in Filipino language.

* Pendong Aban - later formed the group Ang Grupong Pendong

* Lolita Carbon

* Saro Bañares - who was murdered in 1993 after a bar brawl in Cotabato

* Mike Pillora

* Chat Coloma-Aban (former member)

After fronting rock and roll bands during her teens, Lolita Carbon met Cesar "Saro" Bañares, Mike Pillora, and Pendong Aban Jr. in Kola House, a folk rock club, and then decided to form their own musical group, naming it Salt of the Earth.

They had signed a major record label and renamed their band to Asin after a record producer was searching for a "female" Freddie Aguilar, taking advantage of the Filipino folk rock boom during the late 1970s. Their eponymous 1978 debut album includes a cover of Freddie Aguilar's "Anak" and the rest are all original works.

Some of their popular songs include the environmental song "Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran", "An...

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