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"Ataraxia" is an Italian neo-folk/neo-classical band who combine modern technology with archaic instrumentation over various media.

They describe their music as a cross "between sacred and profane, ethereal and neoclassic, contemporary and early music". Many of their performances take place in locations the band professes to possess specific spiritual qualities.Since the beginning of the group in the late 80's,they performed some 12 original LP's.

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years active 1985–present
origin Italy
status Active
music genre Neo-folk/Neo-classical
current members Francesca Nicoli (voice, flute, cymbals)
Vittorio Vandelli (synth, medieval guitars, vocals)
Giovanni Pagliari (keyboards, harmonizing, vocals)
Riccardo Spaggiari (percussion)
Lorenzo Busi (lighting and choreography)
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source: Wikipedia