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Atlanta Rhythm Section

"Atlanta Rhythm Section", sometimes abbreviated "ARS", is an American southern rock band. The band unofficially formed in 1970 as former members of the Candymen and the Classics IV became the session band for the newly opened Studio One in Doraville, Georgia, near Atlanta. After playing on other artists' recordings, they decided to become a true band in their own right. The members of the original band were Rodney Justo (singer), Barry Bailey (guitarist), Paul Goddard (bassist), Dean Daughtry (keyboardist) and Roy Yeager (drummer). Buddy Buie, the band's manager and producer, is listed first on almost all of the songwriting credits of the band's songs.

*''Atlanta Rhythm Section'' (1976)

*''Back Up Against the Wall'' (1973)

*''Third Annual Pipe Dream'' (1974)

*''Dog Days'' (1975)

*''Red Tape'' (1976)

*''A Rock and Roll Alternative'' (1976)

*''Champagne Jam'' (1978)

*''Underdog'' (1979)

*''Are You Ready (Atlanta Rhythm Section)'' (1979)

*''The Boys from Doraville'' (1980)

*''Quinella'' (1981)

*''Truth in a Structured Form'' (1989)

*''Atlanta Rhythm Section '96'' (1996)

*''Partly Plugged'' (1997)

*''Eufala'' (1999)

*''Live at The Savoy, New York O...

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