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Atomic Bitchwax

Atomic Bitchwax

"The Atomic Bitchwax" are a stoner metal band. They formed December, 1992 in Long Branch, New Jersey. The band has a heavy psychedelic sound. Only about half of their songs have lyrics, the rest are instrumental. The focus of the sound is much more on the instruments than the vocals.

* Chris Kosnik bass guitar, vocals - (formerly of Godspeed)

* Keith Ackerman - drums, percussion - (formerly of Solace)

* Finn Ryan - guitar, vocals

**Former member Ed Mundell played guitar, best known as guitarist for Monster Magnet

*''The Atomic Bitchwax'' (1999)

*''The Atomic Bitchwax II'' (2001)

*''Spit Blood'' EP (2002)

*''3'' (2005)


*''Right In The Nuts: A Tribute to Aerosmith'' (July 10, 2000) Small Stone Records

* Official site

Atomic Bitchwax

Atomic Bitchwax

Atomic Bitchwax

Atomic Bitchwax

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