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''For the US metal band see Atrocity (US band)''

"Atrocity" is a German band formed in Ludwigsburg. They started out as a death metal band, and their debut was the ''Blue Blood'' EP in 1989 followed by a concept album about drug use named ''Hallucinations''. Their second album ''Todessehnsucht'' ventured into technical death metal, featuring a cover of "Arch Angel" by the band Death. Their musical scope broadened during the years, and the band even discovered medieval and horror influences on their Dracula based concept album ''Atrocity's Blut'', named after the successful motion picture Bram Stoker's Dracula. It was released on 1994, and was followed by ''Calling The Rain'' mcd with included guest female vocals and acoustic themes.

The 1996 release ''Willenskraft'' introduced industrial elements, and the special bonus CD of the album's special edition (''Kraft Und Wille'') included even electronic remixes of the songs. The later releases saw original metal in decline: the following release ''Werk 80'' featured versions of 1980's disco hits, and the band had no apparent direction for the following few years: the odd mcd-releases and experimental songs like ''Lili Marle...

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