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Audio Adrenaline

"Audio Adrenaline" is a Christian rock band formed in the early 1990s at Kentucky Christian College in Grayson, Kentucky, USA. Along with dc Talk, Newsboys and Jars of Clay, they quickly became one of the most successful Christian pop-rock bands of the 90s. They are best known for their 1993 hit "Big House," and are a main attraction at the annual Creation Festival, Spirit West Coast festival and Agape Music Festival.


The band was formed under the name of "A-180" by Mark Stuart, Barry Blair and Will McGinniss. (As of 2005, Stuart and McGinniss are the only remaining original members.) The three men, along with Ron Gibson and Mark's brother, David, became a popular local band—booked by the school nearly every weekend.

The band's big break would come in the form of Bob Herdman. Bob went up to Audio Adrenaline with two songs he had written, "My God" and "DC-10." After "My God" was recorded—under the band name Herdman had created, "Audio Adrenaline"—it was sent to radio stations and scaled the charts quickly. Forefront Records decided to offer a record deal to A-180 but had them change their name to Audio Adrenaline. Bob joined the band, and David lef...

years active 1987 - 2006
origin Grayson, Kentucky
music genre Christian Rock
Alternative rock
Contemporary Christian
Hard Rock
current members Mark Stuart (musician)
past members Bob Herdman
Barry Blair
David Stuart
Jonathan Schneck
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia