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Australian Crawl

"Australian Crawl" was an Australian rock band formed by James Reyne (lead vocals/piano) and Simon Binks (lead guitar) in 1978 and joined by Guy McDonough (co-lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Bill McDonough (drums, percussion), Paul Williams (bass guitar), and Brad Robinson (rhythm guitar). . The band was named after the Australian slang term for freestyle swimming. The band's music was a defining feature of Australian surf culture during the 1980s.

Their 1980 debut album ''The Boys Light Up'' had a number of hit singles including the title track; "Indisposed"; and "Beautiful People". ''The Boys Light Up'' appeared on the Aussie charts for 104 weeks. In 1981 the band released their second album, ''Sirocco''. This album contained the hits "Lakeside", "Things Don't Seem" and "Errol", a song written about the Australian actor Errol Flynn. It was produced by Peter Dawkins in Sydney.

In 1982 they released the ''Sons of Beaches'' album. The album was recorded in Hawaii with producer Mike Chapman. The album featured the hit "Shutdown" and it became their third album in a row to reach the top five in the Australian charts.

Soon afterwards Bill McDonough left the band. The remai...

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