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"Avail" is a punk/rock/post-hardcore band from Richmond, Virginia. Originally from Northern Virginia, the band, formed in the eighties, moved together to Richmond in 1990. They play punk music, with heartfelt lyrics and melodic breakdowns. Many of their lyrics are about Richmond.

Avail has four band members and a "cheerleader":

* Tim Barry - vocals

* Joe Banks - guitar

* Gwomper - bass

* Ed Trask - drums

* Beau Beau, the roadie/driver/beer guy/cheerleader.

"From Their Bio:"

Slicing through a leafy swath of trees, the freight train tracks snake along the edges of the muddy James River. From this little patch of greenery in the heart of post-industrial Richmond, Virginia, the rails run to the blue ridge hill country, through sleepy towns like Roanoke and Lynchburg, before splintering off to points all over the south.

When the graffiti-covered trains aren't thundering along, every hour or so, it's nearly silent. No honking cars, no bustling crowds, no TV sets or blaring radios. The birds eek-eek-eeking overhead are about as loud as it gets. You can find Avail singer Tim Barry here frequently, striding along the rails, his canine companion Zeke at ...

years active 1987 - present
origin Virginia
country USA
music genre Punk
current members Tim Barry
Joe Banks
Ed Trask
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia