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"Aventura" is a Dominican Bachata-R&B music group from New York City. They became popular worldwide with their hit single ''ObsesiĆ³n'' in 2002/2003. The group is composed of four young Dominican musicians. Other notable supporting musicians include Judy Santos (whose vocals are featured in the song Obsession) and Tobey.

This song was released in 2002 and hit top of the charts worldwide.

Today, Bachata is going through a worldwide revival, and Obsesion is the primary Bachata song heard in latin dance venues around the world.

* Anthony "Romeo" Santos, lead singer and featured composer

* Lenny Santos, guitarist, producer/arranger

* Max Santos, bass guitar

* Henry Santos Jeter, singer and composer

* "''Generation Next"''

#Cuando Volveras" ("when will you come back")


#Mujeriego" ("Player")

#La Novelita"

#Amor Bonito"

#No Lo Perdona Dios" ("God won't forgive it")

#Coro Dominicano" ("The Dominican Song")

#Dime Si Te Gusto" ("Tell me if you liked it")

#Un Poeta Enamorado" ("a Love Poem")

#"Si Me Dejas Muero" ("if you leave me i will die")

#"Cuando Volveras (Spanglish Remix)" when will you come back")

* "''We B...

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