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"B.T.R." is a Bulgarian rock band. Founded during 1984 by group members Atanas Penev - Nasko (Vocals), Slavcho Nickoloff (Guitars), Ivan Kalfov (bass), and Georgy Milev as drummer, later replaced by Ilian Dikov.

The band's first album was Feel the Life released during 1993. The album was found with lots of local success and the band even started some tours outside of the country. Bending The Rules was released the same year with lots of great tracks, such as Under the Law and First Blood. The band became such a success in Bulgaria, that it opened for groups such as Iron Maiden in 1995 and appeared with bands such as Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Duo Mania in China.

In 1997 the band released the album '97 which featured rock anthems such as The Golden Fish (Zlatnata Ribka), I don't know, Dune, Hey Girl, and one of their best songs Diamond and Glass. This album send them straight to the top of the Bulgarian Rock Stage. A year later followed their most respected album - 7 Ballads. With the explosive hit Salvation, they left their mark in Bulgarian Rock History. Their next album, Dreams, was number one on the charts for a long time with songs such as A Flower from The Mo...

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