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"B2k" was an American Pop boy band, founded and managed by music producer Chris Stokes in 2001 and active until 2004.

Even though they were newcomers to the industry, their first LP, 2002's ''B2K'', became an instant hit. Their second (and final) regular studio album, ''Pandemonium!'', was released in December of the same year, and garned the hit singles "Bump Bump Bump" and "Girlfriend". The group was featured regularly on the covers of teen magazines such as ''Right On!'' and ''Word Up'', and released a Christmas album in-between their regular two albums entitled ''Santa Hooked Me Up''.

In addition to that, they were featured on the soundtrack album for MGM's film ''Barbershop'' and headlined ''The Scream Tour,'' their third, in 2003. Mario and Nick Cannon were also performers on ''The Scream Tour.''

In January 2004, Chris Stokes announced that the group had broken up. Three of the members claimed financial mishandling by Stokes' management company, TUG (The Ultimate Group); the fourth member, Omarion, claimed the allegations were untrue.

In the midst of the breakup, Screen Gems's ''You Got Served'', a film starring the members of the group and Omarion's alle...

years active 2001-2004
music genre Rhythm and blues
current members Omarion
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source: Wikipedia