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Baby Bash

"Baby Bash", also known as "Baby Beesh", (born "Ronnie Ray Bryant" on October 18, 1975 in Vallejo, California, USA) is a Latin American rap/hip-hop artist.

Baby Bash grew up with his Latin side of the family. His Mexican mother and Anglo father both went to prison when Bash was young, resulting in little contact with them. Growing up, his uncles and grandmother exposed him to many different types of musical genres.

Baby Bash's career began to rise when he went to Houston, Texas, where he met fellow rapper South Park Mexican. Thus, he decided to re-locate there. Prior to his success as a solo artist he was part of rap groups Potna Deuce, Latino Velvet and N2DEEP. Bash's debut album entitled ''Savage Dreams'' was released on the independent label, Dope House Records in 2001. The acclaim he received soon caught the attention of Universal Records, who signed him later that year. In 2003, Baby Bash released his first album on a major label, ''The Smokin' Nephew''.


*(2001) ''Savage Dreams''

*(2002) ''Get Wiggy''

*(2002) ''On Tha Cool''

*(2003) ''The Ultimate Cartel''

*(2003) ''Tha Smokin' Nephew'' - #48 US

*(2004) ''Menage a Trois'' CD & DVD


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